Capsicum Extracts

Precisely standardized for pungency, color and heat value.

All chili peppers that Kalsec grows for our capsicum extracts are grown in the United States. Based on your requirement, we can provide you with products ranging from decolorized to high color, and from no heat to extreme heat.

We’ll also help you select the right product based on your application and solubility needs. We offer systems compatible with virtually any food or beverage application and flavoring formulation, including oil soluble products for processed meats and oil- and water-dispersible capsicum for sauces and dressings.

Organic Extracts

Quality and Innovation You Can Trust.

What makes Kalsec® capsicum unique?

Kalsec® is vertically integrated with over 30 years experience in the seed development and cultivation of chili peppers with a select group of farmers.

Kalsec® grows all of its chili peppers to make Kalsec® capsicum in the United States through a natural seed selection that is non-genetically modified.

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Kalsec® Capsicum: Unadulterated and Pesticide-Compliant Guarantee

Kalsec® provides an unadulterated and pesticide-compliance guarantee. Kalsec® keeps records of all agricultural products used in the field, and extracts are tested for confirmation of pesticide compliance and unadulterated status.



Case Study: Heat Delivery in Salsa

This real-life example of a salsa manufacturer experiencing issues meeting their specification ranges takes you through the process of meeting consumer expectations for heat levels in salsa and sauce applications.

heat delivery in salsa

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