More consumers are opting for products that have clean and clear labels.1 This poses a challenge to manufacturers when creating vibrant snacks while using naturally sourced colors. Historically, natural colors have not provided the same level of vibrancy as synthetic colors. This case study solves the problem that many manufacturers face as they opt for cleaner label colors without significantly altering the appearance of their snacks.

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Naturally Sourced Colors for Chips

Consumer perception of certain foods and flavors relies on another sense, sight. If a consumer expects to see barbecue chips with a specific brownish/red color, then they might attribute low or an undesirable flavor if the chips do not meet expectations. Learn more about how color and flavor interact from Kalsec Flavor Chemist Dr. Shane McDonald: A Review of Color Flavor Interaction in Food and its Application in Food Product Development.

A copacker was having issues creating the desired red color for a customers’ barbecue chips while remaining clean label. The copacker came to Kalsec requesting a shelf-stable, yet naturally sourced, color option that matched the desired red and brown hues after packaging and storage. Kalsec reviewed the data and issues that the customer was facing, and recommended Naturebrite® Paprika.

Naturally Color Snacks with Naturebrite® Paprika

Kalsec naturally sourced color extracts provide a bold, clean label replacement to more synthetic colors. We work with each company to meet their needs for hues, labeling and regulatory. This includes now offering Naturebrite® Paprika as a coloring foodstuff for European snack makers, adding to our portfolio of Vegetone® Color Systems and Durabrite® High Stability Colors.

A hue that works for one snack manufacturer may not perform for another due to different processing conditions and recipes. That is why Kalsec is equipped with a kaleidoscope of naturally sourced color solutions. We provide a large spectrum of attractive hues and functionalities. Sourced from select natural raw materials; such as, annatto, beet, black carrot, carrot, paprika and turmeric, we provide the perfect color solution for your snack application.

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