Novel Capsicum Assay Using New Technology

Kalsec® analytical scientists, in conjunction with Waters Corporation, have developed a new assay for the detection of low-level capsaicinoids using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography® (UPLC®) separation coupled with MS (mass spectrometry). Capsaicinoid measurement is integral for delivering precise heat experienced by consumers in a variety of food and beverages.
73% reduction in run time

Why is this Important?

The UPLC-MS based capsaicinoids assay can be completed in four minutes compared to the legacy High Performance Liquid Chromatography Ultraviolet Fluorescence (HPLC-UV/FLR) method which required 15 minutes – a 73 percent reduction in run time. The new method has improved sensitivity and selectivity, enabling the quantification of capscaicinoids present at very low levels in complex formulations.

The previous technology could not consistently quantify target compounds of interest, which challenged QC technicians with significant co-eluting analyte matrix interference. With this technology, the new method is now used for all in-process and batch release analyses of capsicum extracts.

Variances in composition can now be investigated and adjusted more rapidly, helping to ensure product quality and consistency. Our QC technicians now have more confidence in their ability to effectively characterize samples. This helps the QC laboratory to determine whether the final product is within desired specifications and release it to shipping at an accelerated pace.

Capsicum assay using Waters technology

Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Kalsec® has an ongoing commitment to produce high-quality, innovative ingredient solutions. In cooperation with this commitment, we prioritize innovative research. Our Analytical R&D laboratory is devoted to the development, optimization and validation of new sample test methods.



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