Are Your Colors Shareable?

With the growth of social media, color is even more important to product development for food manufacturers. Consumers have long lived by the adage, “We eat with our eyes.” From sharing images of what is on our plate to food-centric events, there is a proliferation of food-focused content across social media networks.

Merging with the trend for shareable colors is the macro trend for clean label. Not only do consumers engage more with ‘Instagrammable’ foods, but they want them to be ‘healthier’ as well. This means that consumers want the bold reds and pinks with natural color formulations.

Natural Color Applications

This market insight details color trends within food on social media, as well as considerations when making candy, cakes, frostings, icings, sprinkles, and frozen desserts with ‘Instagrammable’ natural colors.

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