KalSmart Educational Series

Kalsec® offers continuing education training sessions on-site and at customer locations through our KalSmart™ Educational Series. Look to Kalsec® for the latest trends, product innovations and applications expertise in making your products look better, taste better and last longer…naturally.™

Instructional Workshops*

Dry Spice Replacement

Dry spices can often be unpredictable in quality, consistency and microbial stability. This workshop will show you how liquid extracts can be used to replace dry spices. Actual replacement spice demonstrations and case studies provide helpful insights to assist you in this process.
2.5 hour session, 8-12 participants

Heat Management

Consumer interest and demands for hot and spicy foods continues to grow. Learn about the latest trends and products that allow you to formulate successful new foods that consumers want!
1.5 to 4 hour sessions, 8-12 participants

Natural Colors

Explore the world of natural colors and learn how to successfully incorporate these ingredients into formulations that offer a wide array of label-friendly, visually appealing and stable food and beverages.
2 to 4 hour sessions, 8-12 participants

Meat & Poultry Oxidation Management

Learn the impact of key variables affecting oxidation in meat and poultry products. A hands-on course that allow you to not only formulate products, but eat the results!
2 day course, Kalsec® R&D Meat Applications Laboratory, 4-8 participants

Creation Stations TM

Roundtable demonstrations available at select industry trade shows demonstrating the latest Kalsec innovations and how they can be applied to your formulations.

Garlic and Onion Replacement Workshop

Global supplies of garlic and onion can fluctuate causing prices to increase. This workshop can show you how to replace dehydrated garlic and onion with liquid extracts. Actual replacement demonstrations and potential savings calculations can assist you in your replacement.
2.5 hour session, 4-6 participants

White Papers

Kalsec® has an extensive library of technical papers outlining the use of our natural colors, spice and herb flavor extracts, antioxidants and advanced hop products in a variety of applications.

*Continuing Education credits may be available for the completion of KalSmart™ Workshops.
Please contact your Kalsec® sales account manager if you are interested in participating in any of the KalSmart Workshops

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