A Continued Craving for Hot & Spicy Flavors

With the release of Kalsec’s third hot & spicy consumer survey conducted in the past five years, one thing has been
made very clear: the vast majority of the global population desires interesting and/or authentic hot & spicy
, and more and more people are jumping on board. Our latest survey reveals that 95% of global consumers enjoy
hot and spicy food at a heat level of mild or above. 95%! While 3 out of 5 consumers say they are eating spicier foods
today than they were a year ago.

However, much like a complex and layered flavor profile, the survey results are nuanced, and interesting opportunities
for market penetration are presenting themselves.

Strategic Deployment of Heat & Spice

Transparent labels and messaging are only growing in importance, as is interest in the distinctions between different
peppers’ heat and flavor profiles. 56% of survey respondents agree the source of the heat is important to them,
so naming the specific peppers used on the packaging is key.

Additionally, those who prefer hot or extremely hot heat levels were typically introduced to those flavors in their
teenage years or even earlier. This means opportunities exist for developing hot & spicy products that are geared
toward younger crowds.

And, of course, different regions find different pepper varietals tastier than others. Chipotle and jalapeño peppers
are preferred in the Americas, for example, while Italians like cayenne in their spicy food. Using this data to inform
new product development is an important tactic to help achieve success in specific regions.

All in all, hot & spicy flavors are only getting more popular, and how they are employed, introduced and
communicated to the consumer is vital when capitalizing on new growth opportunities.

Read What’s Hot & What’s Not: Hot & Spicy Consumer Survey Results to get more insight into this trend.

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