Did You Indulge in Ethnic Spices?

food matters live oil demo
Attendees of Food Matters Live this year had the chance to taste global ethnic blends with KalsecĀ® in a variety of applications, including oils and sauces. If you did not get the chance to attend Food Matters Live this year, here are the important food trends from the show.

Top Trends from Food Matters Live

Global Experiences

People want to make authentic world cuisine for themselves in their own kitchens. They want to bring exciting global flavors to a local and accessible scale. Some of the top drivers of this trend are flavors from Peru, kimchi from Korea, as well as Persian foods: flavors coming from the Middle East and Mediterranean areas.

Free-From Continues to Dominate

Beyond the macro trend for clean label, there is a continued interest in “free-from” claims. This includes claims from vegetarian to vegan; insect protein to birch water. These product trends have risen to meet consumers’ demand for products that support and enhance a healthy lifestyle.


Flexitarianism is properly defined as a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish. We see this expanding to include opting out of many different foods occasionally, including gluten, dairy and carbohydrates (for purposes other than allergy concerns).

On Trend

To learn more about trends from Food Matters Live and predictions for the upcoming year, watch this video from Food Ingredients First discussion with Vince Martin, Market Development Manager, Kalsec Europe.

To keep updated on global hot and spicy food trends, read our eBook: Spicing Up the Food Industry: Hot and Spicy Trends and Insights. We look forward to Food Matters Live 2018 in London.

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