Consistent color and flavor stabilization is a challenge for many food manufacturers, regardless of product type. It is important to keep products looking and tasting fresh while avoiding off-flavors to maintain consumer appeal. Additionally, maintaining shelf life quality helps enforce food safety while protecting consumers.

A food manufacturer discovered that their chicken powder was experiencing flavor changes after just three months on store shelves. They came to Kalsec asking how they can extend the shelf life of their chicken powder without sacrificing flavor and color, and our scientists got to work testing different natural antioxidant solutions in their products.

Making Products Last Longer…Naturally

Chicken powder can often be overlooked when considering the overall flavor of a food and its importance. Used in bouillon for soup, salad, stir-fry and other applications, the freshness of chicken powder could have a tremendous impact on the overall product.

The customer that approached Kalsec had an expected shelf life of 12 months; however, they were only achieving three months of shelf life with their current antioxidant. Through shelf life and sensory trials, Kalsec scientists found that our natural antioxidant solutions were able to beat performance expectations while achieving the shelf life the customer desired. This helped the customer keep their products on the shelf longer, saving them money, while meeting consumer flavor and color expectations.

The Crafted by Kalsec™ Difference

Kalsec offers several different naturally sourced antioxidant options. For over 30 years, our oxidation management scientists have been perfecting the art and science of shelf-stability. From our revolutionary rosemary-based Herbalox® Rosemary Extract, which established the standard for natural oxidation inhibiting products, to our Duralox® Oxidation Management Solutions, we offer a variety of options to help you achieve longer shelf life.

To further protect your food and beverage applications, Kalsec now offers DuraShield™ Natural Food Protection Blends, which combine traditional natural antioxidant products with natural antimicrobials to improve shelf life and safety.

Want to learn more about how Kalsec can help your products have a longer shelf life — naturally?

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