Clean Label Expectations

clean and clear label attributesClean label is a macro trend and expectation for premium products. This trend is evolving and expanding as younger generations enter the workforce and gain buying power, therefore influencing trends.

Understanding what consumers are looking for on their label affects almost every aspect of product development. Regardless of how great a product is, if a consumer does not purchase or consume the product then it will stay on the shelf.

Clear Label Aspirations

Clean label consumers still want a short, understandable ingredient list. They also aspire for a clear label, meaning that the products they are purchasing are sustainably sourced and packaged and are safe for the environment and people.

We are seeing clear label attributes consistently appear in the top five when asking all consumers what clean label means to them regarding packaged foods. This shows the rise in demand for clear label and the assimilation of these attributes into clean label.

Kalsec® Consumer Research

To learn more about what clean label means to consumers, Kalsec surveyed 6,000 people from 12 countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. In addition to this, we asked questions about clear label and ingredient list preferences to learn more about what the consumer wants to see on their products. The information from this research will help food and beverage companies understand what their consumer wants and how to best market their products.

Find out more about consumer preferences for clean and clear labels with Kalsec research and insights:
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