Kalsec® application scientists and flavor chemists are experts at creating special flavor and aroma characteristics by blending hop oils with other natural flavors. Our team of hop and flavor chemists and hop applications scientists combine hop oil fractions into unique Kalsec blended hop aroma and flavor extracts. As part of our sensory expertise, Kalsec’s beer sensory panel then tests these products independently and in conjunction with customer project objectives.

On-Site Beer Sensory Panel

Beer sensory evaluation at Kalsec started over 40 years ago with informal tasting of hop extracts. In 2004 we formalized our sensory evaluation process of beer and hops products to be an integral part of Kalsec research, development and quality initiatives. Over the course of the last 16 years, we have increased the number of panelists, expanded the number of sensory methods and tests used, developed a more encompassing set of attributes and grown our skills into new beverage categories and applications.beer sensory panel

Our beer sensory panel meets regularly to analyze beers for customer and internal projects. The beer sensory panel consists of Kalsec employees and local beer experts, all highly trained as beer sensory panelists.

To keep Kalsec beer panel members well-trained in the most up-to-date sensory methods and hop characteristics, Dr. Bill Simpson was invited to conduct two week-long training sessions for sensory panelists. Each training included in-depth analysis of 39 key attributes, the first week devoted to attributes related to hops while the second week was devoted to attributes commonly found in lager beer.

Customer Project Assistance

Kalsec’s beer sensory panel is highly trained in descriptive sensory methods combining intense attribute recognition training with Spectrum™ Descriptive Analysis techniques. Our sensory program is equipped to handle a wide variety of sensory testing methods to assist in our customers’ needs. Descriptive analysis techniques are used to identify and describe the aroma, flavor, and texture attributes of a food or beverage product.

Discrimination tests, like triangle, paired comparison, and tetrad tests, support product matches, packaging changes, and ingredient substitutions. Time intensity analysis tracks specific attributes over time and can provide a temporal picture of how certain ingredients affect the food/beverage experience. The result of utilizing these industry-recognized and supported methods are Kalsec ingredients that are crafted to deliver our customer’s desired attributes and experiences.

Please note, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Kalsec’s beer sensory panel has reduced operations. The most urgent requests are being prioritized and all sensory evaluations are completed in compliance with current social distancing practices to ensure safety of our employees and panelists.

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