Seasoning Blends

Our team of industry experts integrates natural antioxidants, colors, spice and herb flavor extracts to create innovative solutions for seasoning blends and applications.


Kalsec® liquid extracts offer an economical, stable and consistent flavor alternative to dry spices and herbs.


Achieving and maintaining a seasoning flavor profile can be challenging. Kalsec® ingredients provide the consistency and stability to seasoning blends that allow the sensory attributes to be fully experienced and maintained throughout the shelf life of the product.

AntioxidantsSpice and Herb Flavor ExtractsColors


Kalsec® antioxidants can provide flavor and color stability in a variety of seasonings. They also provide stability and protection of products such as meat and poultry when the seasoning is added.

Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts

We offer a full line of spice and herb extracts ideal for use in creating seasoning blends. Our application expertise includes: culinary; meat and pickling sciences with a strategic focus on chili peppers; pepperoni seasoning; and authentic regional flavors, including Asian, Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine.

Optimize your specific flavor needs by relying on our expertise in culinary application, sensory, analytical, and flavor blending.


Kalsec® annatto, carrot, paprika and turmeric extracts offer a range of visually appealing colors that enhance consumer acceptance of seasonings used in a broad variety of applications. Durabrite® colors are more stable than standard natural colors, even those relying on BHA, BHT and TBHQ for added stability. Durabrite® stabilization technology protects carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments from oxidative degradation, extending the color life and protecting delicate flavors in seasonings.  Our products improve the visual appeal of snack seasonings and spice blends.