Our extensive application and processing expertise covers a wide variety of pickling applications, including cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables. We carefully prepare pickle flavorings based on the right combination of pungent spices, colors, herbs, and aromatic vegetables and spices.


We offer a full line of water-dispersible and water-soluble natural color, spice and herb flavor extracts for pickling and brining applications.


We prepare pickle seasonings with just the right combinations of ingredients: pungent spices, including capsicum, black and white pepper, ginger, mustard and horseradish; spices with colors, like turmeric; aromatic vegetables, such as onion and garlic; herbs, such as basil, bay, marjoram, mint, oregano, tarragon and thyme; and aromatic spices, such as allspice, cardamom, cassia, celery, cloves, coriander, cumin, dill, caraway, anise fennel, fenugreek, mace, and nutmeg. These ingredients are supported by our extensive sensory and analytical capabilities to ensure consistent color and flavor delivery.

Health and Wellness

Our naturally sourced ingredients provide stable alternatives to many synthetic ingredients, such as Yellow #5. We can also provide brine-soluble oleoresins that do not contain polysorbates.

Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts Colors

Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts

We have developed an extensive line of pickle seasonings that includes dill, bread and butter, sweet pickle, mixed pickles, pickled beets and brined peppers such as jalapenos.


Kalsec® Turmeric Aquaresin® delivers the right color for your pickle brine without the use of artificial ingredients.