Kalsec® has more than 30 years of experience in providing the beer industry with insights in sensory and processing for advanced hop products.


Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products provide a tool for brewers to streamline production, improve efficiency and reduce waste.


Options to add Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products at multiple dose points allow the brewer increased flexibility compared to traditional hopping. Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products for bitterness and hop flavor/aroma can be added independently at these different points for complete flexibility.


Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products provide bitterness and a true fermented hop character for consistent hop aroma and flavor to beers. Our sensory capabilities involve a variety of methods to measure, analyze and interpret responses to products as perceived through the five senses.

Advanced Hop Products

The Kalsec® Brewing Advantage

We sell a full line of Advanced Hop Products uniquely formulated using hop acids, hop oils and sometimes natural flavors to meet the ever increasing need for new beer products.

Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products allow for consistent hop aroma, flavor and bitterness while providing maximum equipment and inventory utilization with added process flexibility.

Our Advanced Hop Products can be used at different stages of the brewing process to provide brewers with the advantage of consistent product performance.


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