• Asian Cuisine

    Consumers are looking for more ethnic varieties as they seek new eating experiences.  Whether it is Tom Yam, Satay, Kimchi, Sriracha, or a variety of curries, we have the expertise to develop flavor profiles that ensure ethnic authenticity. Kalsec products add value to a variety of protein sources. Whether it is extending the shelf life […]

  • Baked Goods and Cereals

    The visual appearance and smell of baked goods and cereals are an indicator to consumers of freshness and quality. Consumers continue to look for more colorful and flavorful baked goods and cereals that contain simple, natural ingredients while touting bold colors and flavors.

  • Beverages

    Bright, distinctive colors and flavors are an essential aspect of consumer expectations in choosing beverages. Kalsec natural colors, food protection, taste and sensory solutions perform to exceed consumer expectations while providing naturally sourced alternatives to synthetic ingredients.

  • Confectionery

    Using Durabrite® stabilization technology along with careful selection of high-stability pigments, we develop light and heat-stable natural colors that replace synthetic ingredients in confections. Combining this expertise and technology with close attention to processing conditions creates effective natural coloring solutions for the confection industry.

  • Dairy

    Dairy processors want ingredients that not only withstand processing, but provide visually appealing and flavorful products with a consumer-friendly label. Our application and sensory teams work together to develop natural colors and flavors that successfully fulfill these needs.

  • Fats, Margarines & Oils

    Fats and oils can be challenging to stabilize due to fatty acid profiles, processing, storage and cooking conditions. Kalsec® natural food protection, colors, and taste and sensory solutions help maintain color and flavor stability while providing consumer-friendly labels for fats and oils. Our analytical and sensory capabilities allow us to evaluate performance both quantitatively and […]

  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood

    Kalsec® products add value to a variety of protein sources. Whether it is extending the shelf life of ground beef, stabilizing the color of pepperoni, or providing an exciting new marinade for a prepared meal, we provide a total solutions approach by understanding your processes to make your products look better, taste better and last […]

  • Noodles

    Noodles provide a nutritious, convenient and flavorful experience for consumers around the world. Kalsec natural food protection, colors, and taste and sensory solutions make noodles look better, taste better and last longer. Our customer support encompasses everything from regulatory guidance to applications assistance and consumer insights.

  • Pet Foods

    Pets are members of the family, and pet owners are increasingly seeking the same types of foods and ingredients for their pets that they purchase for themselves. This includes naturally sourced ingredients that they can count on to be safe and enjoyable for their pets. The Kalsec Agricultural Assurance program provides processors with the confidence […]

  • Pickles

    Our extensive application and processing expertise covers a wide variety of pickling applications, including cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables. We carefully prepare pickle flavorings based on the right combination of pungent spices, colors, herbs, and aromatic vegetables and spices.