When cooking at home, I typically use the alliums that I have on-hand when I am throwing a dish together. It’s amazing the dynamic flavor you can build when you have a half-used onion or clove of garlic laying around. Although, when I’m in the lab, it’s much different. I have access to over 130 allium extracts, each crafted to hone in on a very specific flavor experience. Can you imagine, as a chef, having that many different allium extracts available to you?

When I am working on a customer project I can choose from various types and forms of alliums, from their raw or fresh state or something more unique like smoked, fried, roasted and beyond. With this many options, you may wonder, where do I start?!

Continue reading the full article for Chef Anna’s perspective on using alliums as culinary building blocks, and to learn more from our Kalsec team about the wonderful flavor profiles of the allium family.

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portrait of Anna Cheely, food scientist and chefChef Anna Cheely works in the Taste and Sensory Innovation department finding culinary-based solutions for customers, from seasoning and sauce manufacturers to CPG companies. She began her career in culinary school and worked in New York restaurants, followed by a Master of Science at the University of Georgia in sensory and food science. In her current role as Senior Scientist – Taste Solutions & Sensory, she combines the world of culinary techniques and knowledge with food science to give customers multifaceted solutions.

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